Tattoo and face painting

Tattoo Painting for Kids

I am Pratima – tattoo artist, I am into the field of professional tattooing for the last 20 years & I have painted for more than 5 lakh kids throughout Chennai. I make non-toxic, washable, purely hand painted Tattoos in exotic colours & vibrant designs which create a play of eye-catching aesthetic impression making you trendsetters of the day, for any occasion as birthday parties, wedding receptions, sath sangeeth, corporate get-togethers, holy communions, family re-unions, school carnivals, teenage get-togethers, farewell parties, stage shows and theatre plays. Drench yourself in the world of colours & make all your occasions a super dooper one.

Face painting for corporate get-togethers

                                          Face Painting for stage shows

Face Painting for Theatre plays